Relinquished​.​.​. A Crumbling Monument Witnessed by None

by Stoic Dissention

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released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Stoic Dissention Broomfield, Colorado

Stoic Dissention is a project that began in 2010 to explore avant-garde, dark, and intense atmospheres. While we are associated with heavy metal in aesthetic and instrumentation, we allow for the intangible and esoteric to guide our vision. Our fire burns bright as we travel deeper into the darkness of the human condition. ... more

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Track Name: Fastidium Vita
Akin the phoenix
From the ashes of sorrow
Calloused with each ascent

Selene betwixt
Cursed half-life
Star crossed glimpse
Forever more

Abstracting more
A nourishing disclosure
To thoughts demise
Abhorrent life

The chide of eternity
The unyielding will
Abstracting lifeless
A wish for eternity

Lurid remnants cascade
Behold oblivions splendor
Abstracting lifeless
A dream of eternity

Beckoning yore
Before lost grace
Noumenon strife

A dying son
The fleeting glimpse
Noumenon strife

Longing for closure
Track Name: The Pernicious Anoesis
Did you feel this?
The endless passion
This endless pain
A man of genius
In disgrace to be was fey

“I give this all to you”
And so much more
The stigma of His love
A fathers love

Go to sleep
For it is time now
Come lie down
Passed are your days
Dusk awaits at the horizons

Calling out to father
To atone thy grievances
Will he forsake us again
Please let it not be so

Pallidly here
Neither there

Warm me flickering fire
As long as you can
For when at last
This fire does cease
Then I to shall lay down
Track Name: .
It is now my time
My guilt has out-weighed my days
My loves and my passions
All mere wants passing

They were all that I had left
All that I could believe in

Such a fool was I
To care of or for those
That which was out of my grasp
Yet held affixed strongly in my vision

It blinded me
It burned me
Why did I let myself feel these pains
Did I really believe
Did I really love
Or was it a fear in longing

Now no one to walk beside me
Pathos has gone
I have nothing else
Nor do I want it anymore